List of lab projects

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  • Dynamic statistical comparisons. This is continued development of the DSC software for benchmarking computational experiments in statistics and computational biology.
    • Manxueying Li, Junyang Jin and Gao Wang.


  • Family-based association study design. An empirical study of several flavors of family-based vs population-based design to examine each of their advantages.
    • Diana Cornejo, Duzhi Zhao, and Jinhee Choi.
  • Fine-mapping methods. This project looks into fine-mapping in families, cross populations, with functional annotations and with multiple phenotypes.
    • Gao Wang.
  • Fine-mapping with genomic annotations. A preliminary numerical study on how genomic annotations help with fine-mapping performance.
    • Gao Wang.
  • Functional genomics annotation and prediction in brains. Integration of functional annotation and molecular phenotype (including proteomic data) for brain disease associations, including building prediction models using deep learning.
    • Anmol Singh and Ashvin Jagadeesan (AJ).




  • SEQSpark. Association analysis software using Apache Spark, customized for analysis tasks performed in our group.
    • Shiv Venkatagiri, Hyun Soo Jeon, Linxiao Wu and Zixuan Zhang.